Sorceress Islands


Long ago, the Sorceress Islands were divided by magic. Going across a bridge from one island to the next is too dangerous to consider for most anyone. Born on one island, live their life on that island, and die there is more or less the only option that exists. But the difference between the islands…

On one island stands the most respected magic academy in the world. On its neighbor island, doing magic means a death sentence.

Marii, a girl born on the magic hating island, sees no harm in magic, and yet, to keep her family alive, she needs to follow the laws.

Her father guards the bridge that spans the water over to the magic friendly island. Her mother heals through herbs and bandages.

On the magic friendly island, tragedy also easily strikes. The gods takes an interest in what happens there. And magic cannot fix everything.

Follow the journey of Marii, her family, and those close to her in this often dark Fantasy series.