Felicia Fredlund

Felicia Fredlund writes in multiple genres and for both adults and young adults. Her quest is to entertain, offering her readers exciting adventures and emotional rollercoasters.

She also edits anthologies.

Her own first adventures happened through video games and later she added on computer games as well as board and card games. She studied game design and game programming, but switched over to more conventional computer science. Learning is one of her passions.

She writes one series, a dark fantasy series called Sorceress Islands. Her short stories have appeared in several Fiction Rivers from WMG Publishing.

She edited Fiction River: Last Stand with Dean Wesley Smith and her story “Magic and Sacrifice” appeared in that volume. She has since appeared in several more Fiction River volumes.

Find out more about her fiction at www.FeliciaFredlund.com.

Books by Felicia Fredlund