Santa Delivery Plus

Shadow Courier

Felicia Fredlund

When Christmas comes to the City of Shadows, fun and love won’t be at the top of the agenda for everyone. Two stories show two different but similar faces of this city.

In Santa Delivery, Courier Kora Leon wakes up in the middle of the night because she gets a message from “Santa” to deliver some “presents” for him. Except the recipients don’t know Santa’s coming. Kora needs to break and enter Santa-style and she doesn’t know how dangerous the owners will be.

Discovery is not an option.

In Christmas and Family and Favors, Maura put together a great family Christmas dinner, but her only brother hasn’t arrived yet. When she hears from him, she learns he left home at the time he should have arrived.

With Christmas traffic to navigate he’ll be late, but how late?

These are two great holiday short stories in Felicia Fredlund’s Shadow Courier world.​


Shadow Courier

Available in:
Ebook, $2.99